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  If you are on this page, let me say thank you right up front. You must be a thoughtful and generous individual.
Allow me to explain what you would be donating to. You see I really enjoy making these belts and hope that they will bring some fun and smiles to the new wearer. It's very hard to convey the feelings and state of mind that one can find themselves in, when your forced to deal with something like an ostomy and health issues that got you there in the first place. Your PayPal screen will say Whatever's Clever.

  This is my little way of sharing some smiles. I have been using a Singer sewing machine to make these belts and even though it claims to be heavy duty, it can be problematic, and is probably not made to do what I'm doing with it. If I was in a position to purchase these items on my own I certainly would be doing so.

  In doing some homework on sewing machines I've come to find one that I think will be up for the job.
It is called a SailRite Ultrafeed LSZ-1. This is not a industrial machine, but it is very well built and made for heavier type work, also a key feature is that it has a walking foot. That helps pull the material through the machine.
Elastic can be tricky to sew if your've ever tried it.

  I would love to also be able to stock more material so I can get orders out quickly and also offer even more fun designs. If things go really well I'd love to buy some belts, make my fun versions and donate a few to some of the helpful ostomy sites.

  I am setting a goal of $2200. this will cover the machine, parts and accessories, some new elastics, shipping /handling and any taxes. Due to the fact that I am not a non-for profit, I will be taxed on money acrued. This is why I set my goal a little higher then the total you see below. The meter above will reflect the approximate money contributed to date. I will also post up pictures of the whole process once and if the goal is met. I will list your name here as a contributor. This will be up for what I hope is a limited time. Please make contributions of $1.00 or more.
Not to be picky but to cut down on paper work etc.

  Understand that I have no idea what to expect. This goal might be reached in a month or ten or not at all. I plan on giving it some time as this is a brand new site and it takes some time for people to find me.
Please use the Bookmark button above to track of updates. This is a screen shot of what I'm looking to purchase with the funds raised. Feel free to share this link with anyone who might be intersted.

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